Montigny is an International Home Decoration concept founded by a Swiss/French in 2007. His founder, Emmanuel Gerard Andrew de Stoppani, got the Swiss nationality from his father and French nationaly from his mother who was French designer in Loire valley.

After managing 3 factories in France with 250 workers, where he produced and delivered to the high-end home decoration businesses around the world.

In partnership with Harvest Shanghai, Montigny now propose a complete Home Decoration concept including furniture, wallpapers, curtains, lightings, decoration accessories, from a selection amoug the best European suppliers around the world.

Mano considers paramount to perpetuate the elegance of French style adapted to the modern need of homes today.


Montigny is synonymous with Style, Trend and Color!

We could provide the excellent design service for the various projects.

Under Montigny, you will find almost all kinds of home decorating products such as wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, beddings, lights and so on.

We will show you an unique lifestyle with which you will create a warm and fashionable living atmosphere.

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